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Photo Scanning Services


Congratulations!  You’re the designated family historian--your siblings and kids look to you for preserving your parents’ (and their parents') closet full of snapshots and slides that have been slowly growing--while fading--over the past quarter century. It all needs to be safeguarded for future generations.  But how, when and how much? Let pixelPRESERVE help with some answers.


pixelPRESERVE will do in days what it would take you months to accomplish with a home scanner: the complete capture of your family photo collection in digital form. Once scanned, these treasured memories can be much better preserved, shared, and enjoyed. pixelPRESERVE uses professional grade scanning technology to digitize any of the following formats:

  • photo prints up to 8x10
  • 35 mm slides
  • Film negatives and positives

Our print scanner can capture images as high as 600 dpi; the slide/negative scanner creates an even higher resolution, in order to be able to "blow back" printed copies up to 11x14 from a small strip of film. All of our processes utilize image enhancement algorithms to return fading images to nearly new look.

Bring your pictures in to our store, or our mobile service will “take the scanner to your manor”. Either way, we’ll return your archive safely and provide you with all the scanned images on an archival CD or DVD. Out of town customers: contact us for instructions on sending us your photos.


Once your collection is in digital form, let us assist you in getting the most enjoyment from your family treasures


Restoration—You are sure to find several faded or torn photos of your great grandmother or favorite uncle that would look perfect on the mantle, if only you could make it look like new again.  pixelPRESERVE DOES Photo Restoration!

Framable Prints—Be it that same restored image, or a more recent group photo, enlarged prints make great family gifts.  pixelPRESERVE DOES Photo Enlargements!

Slide Shows—Producing a slide show “movie” is a breeze with today’s imaging tools, and a great way to enjoy browsing through the archives with your kids.   pixelPRESERVE DOES  Photo Slideshows!

Memory Books—Many family historians like to select from their newly digitized image collection to create a memory book that chronicles various stages of life’s journey, be it favorite vacations, or your first-born from toddler to teen.  pixelPRESERVE DOES Memory Books!

Photo Albums—Another popular book format is to simply organize some or all the digital images into a modern day “album”. Not a fully designed “book”,  but 6 or 8 images placed on each 12”x12” page, all bound together as a soft or hard cover book, or kept loose leaf for insertion into a photo binder.  pixelPRESERVE DOES Photo Albums!

Scrapbooking— The family scrapbook represents a one-of-a-kind treasure that chronicles meaningful moments with words, pictures and memorabilia. But one-of a kind is a blessing and a curse.  Let us help you make perfect replicas of either the physical pages or the digitally created version, for backup or sharing. We can scan and reproduce your entire handmade scrapbook, one irreplaceable page at a time.   Our printing prices are much more affordable than the online scrapbooking services.  pixelPRESERVE DOES Scrapbooks!