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Graphic Design Services

Denison Creative, lead design firm for PixelPRESERVE, coaxes your book out of your dreams and into your hands.

The essentials of your book – raw text and illustrations – are just the beginning of perfect presentation. Texture. Color. Photographs and font. Format and spacing. Page layout. Design details. These things give your work breath, bring it to life. If your good idea is listless on the page, if your photos are flat and your words are shapeless, let us give them form and beauty.

Competitive design rates for all services, including:

Conceptualizing rough ideas or executing your completed idea

Selecting the most effective book size and shape

Text placement and formatting, elegant or edgy

Editing and proofreading

Illustration and photographs (including restoration, resizing and adjustment for print)

Purchase and placement of ISBNs and bar codes

We design for print:

Art and photography books and portfolios

Family photo collections

Cook books, documents and other scanned and archived collections


Poetry collections and chapbooks

Children's illustrated books

Children's artwork, photography, poetry and other writing

Handbooks, textbooks and other teaching materials

Novels and non-fiction text

Comic books and graphic novels

CD covers