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Bookbinding Services


pixelPRESERVE provides professional book binding to commercial printers and others who print books, but who are without sufficient binding capacity to do it themselves.

Perfect Binding Process

All of our binding services revolve around the industry standard adhesive or "perfect binding" process  Our system mills the back of the book block spine, applies a hot-melt high-strength glue, and clamps the cover onto the book block in an automated fashion.  Both hard cover and soft cover books in standard or custom sizes are created in this manner.

Softcover Work

For softcover work, we can apply the printed covers supplied by our customer, or we can print them in-house.  Covers can be laminated if required prior to binding.  All softcover books receive a "three-face trim” after binding to produce a clean, uniform edge on each unit.

Hardbound Books

We also are equipped to create the “cases” used to enclose hardbound books.  Covering materials for the cases can be either printed paper sheets, or any number of bookcloth or other man made materials which we stock. Printed cover materials can be laminated if necessary. 

Each case is individually assembled by a skilled craftsman using quality adhesives and chip board. Once completed, the book block and end sheets are adhesively bound into each case using the system described above.  All of our books are systematically inspected to insure the highest possible quality, prior to customer delivery.

Pre-Made Cases with Unibind Technology

If you need hardbound books in a rush, we also offer pre-made Unibind covers.  Unibind covers are durable and professional looking, and come in several colors, page sizes and spine widths.  Pages adhere to the spine when a simple heating process melts the glue strip built into the cover.

Short-Run Binding Specialists

pixelPRESERVE’s binding service is an outgrowth of the in-house capability we created for our own book production business.  If you are in need of high quality adhesively bound books in runs under 500, we would be happy to give you a quote.  Depending on our workload and the size of the job, softcover work can be turned around in one to two weeks.  Casebound work requires an additional period of one to two weeks for manufacturing the cases.

Getting Started

Please contact us by phone at 585-360-0192, or send us an email describing your requirements. We will give you honest, clear answers to all of your questions.