On September 17, 2014 the book "America's Greatest Suspension Bridges, A Photographic Essay" by R. Glenn Alexander was released.  Here is the press release which summarizes the content of the book and an overview of the author.



Bridge Photography Book, Full of Suspense


September 17, 2014. Photographer R. Glenn Alexander announces the release of his new book, America’s Greatest Suspension Bridges, a Photographic Essay. This unique work describes, in the author’s words and photographs, ten of the greatest suspension bridges* ever built in the world, and all still fully operational in the United States. From the Wheeling Suspension Bridge (1849)  to the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge (1964) the group spans over 160 years of American history, and helps weave together the fabric of a country stretching from New York City to San Francisco.


Each structure in the 194 page volume was included because, when opened, it was the longest suspension bridge (or second longest in one instance) in the world. Dynamic photo compositions in each of the ten chapters include panoramic vistas, structural details, people using the bridge and the views they experience while being on it. It will appeal to a variety of individuals who have visited or hope to visit these landmarks, as well as professional and amateur bridge enthusiasts, and general readers who appreciate quality architectural photography.


America’s Greatest Suspension Bridges, a Photographic Essay is a self published book produced by Mr. Alexander's printing firm,  pixelPRESERVE LLC. It will be available through Amazon.com and pixelPRESERVE’s own www.pixelpreserve.net.


About R. Glenn Alexander

Mr. Alexander is an accomplished photographer whose work is owned by corporations and individuals.  He most enjoys photographing thematically.  Previous projects include America’s front porches, Rochester’s urban landmarks, night photography, the American landscape and most recently, aerial photographs taken while dangling (his GoPro camera) from a thin kite string.


To support his photographic habit, Mr. Alexander toiled for 30 years as an executive with Xerox Corporation. After retirement he combined his knowledge of printing and love of photography into a common focus by starting a small business that serves artists, photographers and consumers desirous of putting their art and memories into book form. This is his second self-published book.


Mr. Alexander and his wife, Kris, reside in Fairport, New York. Their daughter lives with her spouse and two loving granddogs in Ashburn, Virginia.



pixelPRESERVE LLC was created by Mr. Alexander in 2009 to provide quality imaging services to individuals and businesses. pixelPRESERVE is best known for producing exceptional books in hardcover and softcover form, as well as other on-demand color print products. The firm carries for sale a number of their clients’ titles, including America’s Greatest Suspension Bridges, a Photographic Essay.


Contact Information

R. Glenn Alexander, Owner


439 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607


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* The specific bridges in this essay include, in order of completion:


Chapter 1. Wheeling Suspension Bridge (1849)

Chapter 2. John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (1866)

Chapter 3. Brooklyn Bridge (1883)

Chapter 4. Williamsburg Bridge (1903)

Chapter 5. Bear Mountain Bridge (1924)

Chapter 6. Benjamin Franklin Bridge (1926)

Chapter 7. George Washington Bridge (1931)

Chapter 8. Golden Gate Bridge (1937)

Chapter 9. Mackinac Bridge (1957)

Chapter 10. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (1964)