Mark Brozost, a pilot who was flying for a small commuter airline under the umbrella of the Delta family, was preparing for a very competitive interview for a new position within Delta’s mainline carrier fleet. With over 3,000 candidates vying for only a few hundred slots, Mark needed to make an unforgettable impression.

As part of their resume package, each pilot was required to bring along a copy of flight logbooks going back to the beginning of their flying careers. Since Mark has been flying commercially for 15 years, he had a pretty hefty sheaf of log pages to present. He wasn’t content with just putting copies into a 3-ring binder. He wanted to give the interviewers something to look at that they wouldn’t forget.

We helped him do just that. The final product was a single single,green leather-bound, hardcover book measuring 8"x10" inches. We reproduced handwritten logs from Mark’s early piloting days and bound them with prints from later electronic entries.

We were almost as nervous as Mark in the tension-filled days leading up to the interview. When he stopped in a couple of weeks later to let us know that had the position and he'd received compliments on his presentation, we were ecstatic for him and proud to have given him a small edge in his interviews