Jorge Samper is a self-described photographer and bookmaker. He first came into our shop in December, 2013, seeking a service that could print a photography book which he had put together.  Jorge’s son was a cast member in a local production of Les Miserables, and had aked Jorge if he would volunteer along with several other photographers to document the rehearsals and all the hard work leading up to the opening curtain. His expertise in creating photo books inevitably led him to compile everyone’s images into book form for this project as well.

Jorge originally asked for 40 copies of his softbound book which measures 8.5” by 11” inches and contains 120 pages.  As his son began to show and sell them to his fellow cast members, they had to order another 12 to meet the demands for their new bestseller.

We at pixelPRESERVE were pleased to be able to help Jorge realize his vision for this little gem, which is full of great shots capturing the wonderful memories of everyone involved in putting on this show.

It was such a hit, he and his son have now put together a smaller edition that they are using as a template for other theater groups to consider in documenting their own productions.

Outside cover of Family Journal

In his spare time, Jorge has also compiled his extended family’s annual photo journal for which everyone provides content. But it seems Jorge always gets tapped to assemble the pieces into a finished family treasure.