Meet Maggie.  Mrs. Maggie Pinke, MFA(5/14) to be more formal.  Maggie is a talented, vivacious soon-to be-graduate from RIT’s College of Photography.  She is required to produce a thesis project in order to be awarded the Master’s in Fine Arts, and she entrusted the printing of her thesis to pixelPRESERVE.  Her thesis is largely photographic in nature, and as you might expect, she had high standards and expectations when it came to getting everything in the 87 page document “just perfect”.

We try adhere to those standards in all of our work, but Maggie’s demands that she placed on herself made us go the extra mile to inspect for even the most inconspicuous imperfections on literally every page. And when we found one we reprinted it.  A bit more time and effort for a relatively small job, but we wanted to treat the work with the same respect and care as the artist.

Our biggest payment came in the form of Maggie’s elation when she picked up her books recently.  She was genuinely happy with the work.  And that’s ultimately what matters.  That, and the fact that we had made a small contribution to producing another qualified graduate from one of the most widely recognized photography schools in the country.